WNS 72


The WNS 72 is a classically shaped bat featuring a medium barrel and handle. This industry standard is the same model as professional baseball player Derek Jeter uses, shown in Prime Maple, above.

  • Knob: Flare
  • Handle: 0.93
  • Barrel: Medium 2.40"

WNS 110

white nuckle model 110 ash

The WNS 110 is a well-balanced, classically shaped bat with a large barrel and thick handle. This is one of the most popular bats of all time, pictured in Pro Ash, above.

  • Knob: Traditional
  • Handle: 0.98
  • Barrel: Large 2.48"

WNS 141

white nuckle model 141 flame ash

The WNS 141 is a classicly shaped but slim bat with a medium barrel. Due to its similarity to the shape of aluminum bats, it’s great for young players making a transition from metal to wood, shown in Flame-treated Ash, above.

  • Knob: Traditional
  • Handle: 0.92
  • Barrel: Medium 2.47"

WNS 271

white nuckle model 217 birch

The WNS 271 is a balanced bat with large barrel, regular handle, and flared knob. The is one of the best selling bat shapes of all-time and is a great bat for any kind of hitter, shown in Birch, above.

  • Knob: Flare (tapered)
  • Handle: 0.92
  • Barrel: Large 2.53"